The 9th Asian Pacific Phycological Forum

Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan April 14-18, 2024

Algae: Biodiversity, Evolution and SDGs

Mini-symposia -- Invited speakers

Title (Title may be changed)
Seaweed study for climate change mitigation and adaptation Ik Kyo Chung
Hiroshi Kawai
Eucheuma Michael Y. Roleda
Seaweed ecology: current issues and experimental approaches Jeong Ha Kim
Put O. Ang Jr
Ecology and current conservation studies on Crustose Coralline Algae in Pacific Showe-Mei Lin
Wendy Nelson
Response and Adaptation of Microalgae in the Changing Environment Lim Phaik-Eem
John Beardall
Phycological Women in the Asian-Pacific - past, present & emerging Alecia Bellgrove
Signal transduction in algae Gwan Hoon Kim
Securing sustainable seaweed aquaculture Juliet Brodie
Lim Phaik-Eem
Algal culture collection Masanobu Kawachi
Siew Moi Phang
Cryptic diversity and phylogeography in macroalgae Mitsunobu Kamiya
Myung Sook Kim
Carbon sequestration potential of seaweed aquaculture Gregory N. Nishihara
Isoyake Daisuke Fujita
Taxonomy of blue green algae Shoichiro Suda
Li Renhui
Seaweed Fishery – Current State and Issues – Norishige Yotsukura
Tifeng Shan
Chemical Biology of Algae Tatsufumi Okino
Lik Tong Tan